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Autumn 2021

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Payment gateway for semester Autumn 2021. For a complete overview, check the registration form.

This gateway opens August 16, 2021.

Autumn 2021

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This gateway is valid for the following courses:

r.flag-of-Czech-Republic.png Czech A0 Tuesday
r.flag-of-Czech-Republic.png Czech A0 Thursday
r.flag-of-Czech-Republic.png Czech A2 Exam Preparation
r.flag-of-Czech-Republic.png Czech B1 Exam Preparation

r.flag-of-United-Kingdom.png English B1

r.flag-of-France.png French A0
r.flag-of-France.png French A1

r.flag-of-Italy.png Italian A0

r.flag-of-Russia.png Russian A0

r.flag-of-Spain.png Spanish A0
r.flag-of-Spain.png Spanish A1

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